About Us

RDA, Research and Development in Aerospace GmbH, is a new Swiss Space Engineering company, specializing in Ground Segment Software engineering. 

The staff of the company has been working for many years in ESA (European Space Agency) projects and has acquired experience in several fields of Space Engineering and Research, in particular:

o Ground Segment Systems / Payload Data Ground Segment

      • Processor Prototypes

      • Operational Processors

      • Product Format Definitions

      • Orchestration and Core Protocols Definition

o Studies

      • End-to-End Simulators and Breadboards

      • Simulation Frameworks

    • Reference Architectures and End-to-End Simulators Architectures (Earth Observation and Space Science)

From breadboards to E2E simulators and even Operational Software, RDA can participate in all stages of a Payload Data Ground Segment facility development and deployment,  including design and specification. It can also provide top level expertise in a variety of activities needed for the successful development and implementation of a Space Mission, from Phase A studies up to, and including, the Operations Phase (Phase E).

The company has experience with most types of instruments used in Remote Detection and is a leading expert in Synthetic Aperture Interferometry, both on the Engineering side as on the Data Processing and Image Reconstruction side. 

The fact that the company is well versed in ESA procedures and Quality Systems means that there is virtually no overhead or lag time between inclusion in a project and work effectively starting.

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