SS-E2ES (Space Science End-to-End Mission Performance Simulators) 

This study was recently awarded to DEIMOS Engenharia S.A. and is being led by José Barbosa. The consortium includes the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL Space, UK) and the Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia (IAA, Spain). The objectives of the study are: 

i. define generic user requirements for a SS E2ES to support scientific assessment of remote sensing missions in phase 0/A

ii. define a Reference Architecture for such an SS E2E mission simulator by:

      a. Categorizing past, current and planned ESA SS missions, in terms of mission application, observation requirements and techniques, instruments and products. Analysis of commonalities beteween the selected missions.

      b. Identifying the building blocks (BB: algorithms, models, functions), required to model the mission elements, in particular the BB that can be generalized for the various mission categories, and defining a template for their description and interfaces

iii. apply the reference architecture to the design of two demo missions (one for astrophysics and one for planetary applications, e.g. Euclid and ExoMars)

iv. evaluate the reference architecture concept and based on this evaluation, make recommendations for future activities 

The activity has just started and the initial requirements are being drafted. The next step is a Preliminary Concept Review  meeting in March 2015.

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