José Barbosa, Ph.D, has long experience in ESA projects, having participated and led several activities  and studies in the past 11 years. Since January 2012 José Barbosa has been residing in Switzerland, in the Zürich area, working as an independent professional consulting in the area of Aerospace Engineering. In December 2014 he founded the company Research and Development in Aerospace GmbH. 

José was at DEIMOS Engenharia between May 2004 and December 2011, in the Ground Segment Systems Division. While he was Head of the Data Processing Division at DEIMOS, he also lead the project management team and the commercial activities of the Division for two years and was awarded several contracts by ESA for the GMES mission (Sentinel 1 and 3), PARIS mission, SAT-AIS for EMSA/ESA and scientific studies. Since January 2012 he has been ensuring the smooth continuation of all contracts he is managing for DEIMOS Engenharia, working as a an independent professional.

He worked in all project phases of the L1 processor prototype for the SMOS mission: design and implementation, maintenance and support, and scientific studies and he is currently responsible for the SMOS L1 Operational Processor maintenance and evolution. 

He was also the Project Manager for the design, implementation and validation of a full E2E Synthetic Aperture Interferometer Simulator, supporting all possible mission types and instrument geometries (including fully configurable electronic paths and a complete Radiative Transfer Model). 

He was recently awarded an ESA contract to design a Reference Architecture for Space Science Missions, together with DEIMOS UK, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia. 

Between 1998 and 2002 he was a CERN Doctoral Student and designed and implemented simulation and reconstruction code for the High Momentum Particle Identification Detector of the ALICE experiment. He received his PhD title with the dissertation entitled “Design and implementation of the offline software for a RICH detector in Heavy Ion Physics” in 2004.

He has teaching experience, at university level, on the subjects of Introductory Physics, Electromagnetism and Circuit Theory.

He has also professional experience in Telecommunications, having been part of the team that implemented the first version of the on-chip control software supporting a multicast protocol (IGMP) for the Siemens HiX 5300 equipment, an urban DSL access concentrator, while working at Siemens Portugal.

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